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CELESTE Marketing Team offering a full range of services in Hospitality Marketing and Hotel Advertising. We have deep experience working as a hospitality, resort, and hotel marketing company and advertising agency. Our goal for every client is to create a truly effective marketing and advertising mix that will grow client brand.

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Digital marketing

Get in front of your audience and stay ahead of the OTAs with our intelligent digital marketing strategy
Compete effectively for online traffic against OTAs and travel companies with bigger marketing budgets with our forward-thinking strategy.

Media Mix​

A successful, integrated marketing campaign capitalizes on the strengths of each media channel. It coordinates creative, frequency and timing of each of the media channels for maximum impact. The optimal mix and media spend varies for each customer group and competitive marketplace. And our work is never done. Customers evolve as fast as technology and the ever-changing marketing channel landscape. To stay effective, we must continually research, test and change our marketing executions to fit our targets preferences.


We specialize in design, content & social for luxury, lifestyle & boutique hotels. With creative hotel package ideas, you can wow a variety of guests. We are an agency fascinated with design and culture; passion, art, music, nature, that’s how we fill our days and nights.

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